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What is Rainbow Riches Cash Cluster

Rainbow Riches Cash Cluster

Multiple sequels and spinoffs of the Rainbow Riches introduce many gameplay styles and mechanics, making the players keep their interests differently. Rainbow Riches Cash Cluster gives us the experience of a grid mechanic slot game with the  Irish luck theme that lifts your mood together with the upbeat music that amplifies your enjoyable gameplay experience.  

The game might have slightly different mechanics from others but worry not since the way of winning here is practically the same with other typical Rainbow Riches slot games. 

How to Play Rainbow Riches Cash Cluster

In terms of the game’s specifics, the game contains a 6×8 grid. These grids consist of letters and numbers(the same as a chessboard). Before starting the game, set a bet or “play amount”. Make sure to always bet responsibly because it might affect you in the long run. Depending on your bet amount, it will also change the prizes’ amounts. Whenever you are ready with your chosen stake, you start the game with six free spins. 

Assuming you started the game, every single spin shows a single letter and a number. Those numbers and letters will match the symbols in the grids which is from the X and Y axis. The higher the number and letter, the more possible prizes you can win because it also depends on the length or amount of the rows and columns. 

On the left side of the game, there you will see the progress of your prizes to win. They indicate how far or close you are to winning those certain symbols shown there. All of them have the same threshold but the prizes vary because of the different rarity of the symbols in the game. The game is pretty straightforward since there are no complex calculations involved. Just match the symbols and you’re good to go. 

Bonuses Information 

Pots of Gold

The Pots of Gold bonus can be triggered when you land or collect three pots of gold symbols in the grids. They either appear as individual symbols or as clusters. When the said bonus is activated, there are 12 pots that will appear spinning. These spinning pots during the bonus will reward you prizes ranging from 10x to 500x your stake.

Road to Riches Bonus

Collect three leprechaun symbols and you will activate the Road to Riches bonus. Their mechanics with Pots of Gold are similar. They can either appear as individuals or as clusters and you can still activate them.  In this bonus, a path appears and there is a wheel that appears. What the wheel does in this bonus is for you to spin which determines how many steps you can take. Each step has various corresponding prizes ranging from 2x to 100x. The bonus continues until you land on the “collect” tile. But despite the bonus ending, you can still have the chance to activate the same bonus another time. 

Symbols Information

Cascading symbols – In order to understand what cascading symbols are all about, think about the symbols used and disappeared after you matched them with the spin. And once they disappear, they will be replaced with new ones as they fall to the grids. 

Tips and Tricks

The tips and tricks in this game are pretty straightforward. What you only need to do is to keep your eye on the current symbols you have on the grids. If you see there are multiple high-paying symbols in the grids, you might as well increase your stake to win bigger prizes. The same applies if there are lower-paying symbols. It’s easy to know when to take small and big risks based on the symbols in the grids alone. 


Is Rainbow Riches Cash Cluster playable on mobile devices?

Yes, Rainbow Riches games are modernly optimized to adapt to newer platforms such as mobile. You can entirely play this game on mobile platforms without any problems. 

Can I play the game for free or with real money?

Yes, you have both options on whether you can play the game for free or with real money. The free mode can be played in demo mode. The decision is entirely up to you. 

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